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  • Japanese Miso seasoning

    Japanese Miso seasoning

    Our homemade traditional Japanese Miso seasoning is rich in flavor and is what makes all our dishes unique in taste. Miso is a fermented paste made from soybeans, rice and barley and is used for soups, broths, for glazing or for dressings. Browse the Rameniac menu and come taste our ground chicken marinated in miso,…

  • Miso Ramen

    Miso Ramen

    Our tasty ramen dishes also come in vegan and vegetarian options to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs. Our Miso Soy Ramen is served with braised pork; however, you can also switch it up and get it with veggies to make it vegan. Miso ramen is a key element in Japanese food and cuisine, and is now…

  • Shio Ramen

    Shio Ramen

    Our Shio Ramen is another popular dish at Rameniac. This ramen’s soup base is clear, light with a deep and refreshing flavor of shio tare. Shio tare is a seasoning which is  typically comprised of lemon, salt, and dried kelp. This seasoning combined with the chicken and vegetables mixed into the broth is what gives…

  • Butabara pork

    Butabara pork

    We cook with Butabara pork, also known as the juiciest pork you’ve ever had in your life. The Japanese Kagoshima Berkshire Pig, which apparently derives from two British Berkshire pigs imported to Japan in the 1930s. It’s a rare breed and is sought after around the world for being the fattest and most delicious breed…

  • Shoyu Ramen

    Shoyu Ramen

    Our Shoyu Ramen dish is one of our most popular at Rameniac and it is served with a slice of braised meat. We slow cook our broth for over 24 hours in chicken schmaltz and Japanese kombu which gives it a unique and flavourful taste! Our Shoyu Ramen has a lighter and clearer soup base…

  • Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles

    Did you know that our ramen noodles are homemade in our kitchen? We take pride in serving our customers only the freshest ramen soup with locally made ingredients. Our unique recipe results in the perfect combination of chewy and flavorful ramen noodles in one bowl. Our loyal customers can’t get enough of our healthy ramen…